BUDDHIST ATTITUDE TO LIFE by Lama Choedak We have also seen the danger and suffering which come out of direct misuse of religious beliefs, power and religious fanaticism. The benefit or harm caused by religion in everyday life is not in the merit or demerit of the religions. It is entirely dependent on the behaviours of the people who profess themselves to be religious. Since the problems of the world are created by human beings they can only be corrected by human beings, by properly following the fundamental principles of human values, taught and practised by wise men and women ofthe world. Let us not be in the illusion that there were only one or few such wise people who came as saviours of the world." Tao Te Ching - the complete Lao Tzu work! Here are some basic meditations used by many Wiccan , Buddhist, Celtic Faerie, and Hindu traditions. These can be varied, and personalized. If you would like to submit a personal meditation or spell, e-mail me at Bchile3@aol.com All traditions welcome!! MEDITATIONS~ Grounding and Centering: Grounding and Centering is a meditative process which is used before every circle is cast, and is used frequently throughout all rituals and spells. It is used to channel energy from the elements, especially from the central earth. When one is grounded and centered, all of one's concentration will be on the work at hand, and one will enter one's "Witch Conciousness." Centering aligns one's chakras along the earth's pull, and causes one to become sharp and imaginatively focused - ready to cast spells, do further meditation, or raise cones of power. Breathing Prep(All traditions) 1 .Assume a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Relax your body slightly. Inhale throughyour nose to a slow count of 3, 4, 5 - whatever is best for you. Retain the air, then exhale to the same slow count. Repeat this several times, gradually slowing your breath rate. Never hold your breath past the level ofcomfort. The inhalation, retaining & exhalation should be controlled, calm, free of tension.Concentrate on your breathing process while doing this. As you inhale - breathe in love, health,tranquillity. perhaps visualizing these positive energies as golden-flecked air. In exhaling, breathe out hate, disease, anger, maybe visualizing black smoke exiting your lungs.Practice deep breathing exercises daily & gradually increase your capability to retain air. (note: this is one I personally find VERY effective.. especially when preparing to cast spells or draw circles.) Relaxation of the Chakras (Energy Centers):(Eastern Tradition) Close your eyes . . .Feel the muscles in your arms and legs relax. Feel the weight of your body. Now begin to feel a warmth beginning at the level of your feet. It slowly begins to move upward to your ankles, your legs, your knees, your thighs. As it reaches the base of your spine, it pauses and begins to glow bright red.Again it moves upward slightly, to the level of your glands. It pauses here also and glows bright orange. Again the warmth moves upward to your stomach. Here it pauses and glows bright yellow.Now it moves upward to the level of your heart. Here it pauses and glows bright green.There is now also a warmth in your fingers, your hands, your wrists, and moving up your arms. As it reaches your shoulders, the warmth from your heart also moves upward. The warmth in your chest and in your arms merge. The warmth again moves upward. It pauses at the level of your throat. Here, it glows bright blue. Now the warmth rises until it reaches the base of your head. It pauses here and glows bright purple. Finally, the warmth moves upward through your head and leaves your body. As it does so, it glows bright white and then fades into darkness . . . TO GROUND: (when the meditation or spell work is completed.) The weight of your body returns and the warmth subsides. You can feel your toes, your feet, your ankles, your legs. You can feel your fingers, your hands, your wrists, your arms. Now take a deep breath and open your eyes . . . SPELL MEDITATION (Faerie Wicca) Sitting in a straight-backed chair supporting your lower back with a pillow if necessary. Your chinshould be level with the floor, eyes closed, back straight, hands resting on your knees, palms up &fingers relaxed. In this position you should be comfortable & relaxed, the spine straight & the torso erect. Breathe deeply for several minutes. Relax. Forget. Visualize the multitude of tensions & worries of your everyday life exiting your body with your breath. Relax in the chair - now open your consciousness. Allow your conscious mind to be receptive & alert. Commune & talk with the deities. Toss around symbols in your head. If you wish, chant one of the names of the Goddess or God, or agroup of them. This is an excellent tool for slipping into the twilight world. Select a time & place with care. Light should be subdued, candle-lit is excellent. Burn white or blue candles if you wish. A bit of incense is fine too, but too much smoke can obviously cause problems during deep breathing. Relax the BreathingWhenever you find time, just for a few minutes relax the breathing system, nothing else -- there is no need to relax the whole body. Sitting in the train or plane, or in the car, nobody will become aware that you are doing something. Just relax the breathing system. Let it be as when it is functioning naturally. Then close your eyes and watch the breathing going in, coming out, going in... Don't concentrate! If you concentrate, you create trouble, because then everything becomes a disturbance. If you try to concentrate sitting in the car, then the noise of the car becomes a disturbance, the person sitting beside you becomes a disturbance. Meditation is not concentration. It is simple awareness. You simply relax and watch the breathing. In that watching, nothing is excluded. The car is humming--perfectly okay, accept it. The traffic is passing--that's okay, part of life. The fellow passenger snoring by your side, accept it. Nothing is rejected. SLEEP MEDITATION (Cabalistic, Hebrew tradition) Great for insomniacs like moi! You may not be sleeping well in the night. Very few people are sleeping well, so when you have not slept well in the night you are a little tired during the day. If that is the case, then do something with your sleep. It should be made deeper. Time is not much of a question -- you can sleep for eight hours, and if it is not deep you will feel hungry for sleep, starved -- depth is the question. Every night before you go to sleep do a small technique, and that will help tremendously. Put the lights off, sit in your bed ready to sleep, but sit for fifteen minutes. Close your eyes and then start any monotonous nonsense sound, for example: la, la, la -- and wait for the mind to supply new sounds. The only thing to be remembered is those sounds or words should not be of any language that you know. If you know English, German, Italian, then they should not be of Italian, German, English. Any other language is allowed that you don't know -- Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese. But if you know Japanese then it is not allowed, then Italian is wonderful. Speak any language that you don't know. You will be in a difficulty for few seconds only for the first day, because how do you speak a languageyou don't know? It can be spoken, and once it starts, any sounds, nonsense words, just to put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak... When the unconscious speaks, the unconscious knows no language. It is a very, very old method. It comes from the Old Testament. It was called in those days glossolalia and a few churches in America still use it. They call it "talking in tongues". And it is a wonderful method, one of the most deep and penetrating into the unconscious. You start by saying "la, la, la," and then anything that comes you go on. Just for the first day you will feel it is a little difficult. Once it comes, you know the knack of it. Then for fifteen minutes, use the language that is coming to you, and use it as a language; in fact you are talking in it. This will relax the conscious so deeply. Fifteen minutes -- and you then just simply lie down and go to sleep. Your sleep will become deeper. Within weeks you will feel a depth in your sleep, and in the morning you will feel completely fresh.

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 Guided Meditations

“Windows to the Outside” 

by Rev. Chandonn 
copyright 1998, all rights reserved. 
first performed 3/11/98 

[This group meditation was originally written as a parable. Then it became part of our
"Many Names, Many Faces" worship service. It was designed to illustrate that the Divine
(or God) looks different to different people, different cultires, different perspectives. As
we tend to believe that the differences in religions are simply differing points of view, this
meditation helps to illustrate this point.] 

      Relaxation / Trance Techniques (to Go) 
Imagine yourself in a small one-room cabin. You are in the center of the room. 
Each of the three walls before you has a window in it. The wall behind you has a ladder 
leading up tothe roof. 
I ask you the question: "What is outside?" 
You go to the first window and look through it. You see the seashore. Beyond is the great sea. The
ocean waves ripple and flow in a formless dance. It is so large that it dominates the view, 
far beyond the horizon. 
I ask you again: "What is outside?" 
You go to the second window. You see a forest. The trees are dark green and there is moss 
on the
ground. A small stream bubbles and laughs as it races through the foliage. The animals scurry
about: evading predators, gathering food. The wind blows gently. The sun shines brightly. 
Even the
crescent moon in the sky smiles on the life below. 
Again I ask: "What is outside?" 
You now go to the third window. Here you see a city. People bustling, working their various 
jobs. You
see people making things and running businesses. You see healers and protectors. You see 
and messengers. You see warriors and peace-keepers. 

Now you return to the center of the room, where you can see the three windows at once. You see the
ocean, the forest, and the people. And you understand this as being what "outside" is. 

You turn around and climb up the ladder. You quickly reach the roof of the cabin. There is a hot-air
balloon here. You climb into it and quickly sail upward into the sky. 

From the balloon you can see that the city gradually fades into the forest, and then into the sea. You
see great plains, other forests, other cities, and mountains in the distance. 

As you sail higher you see that the ocean is much larger than it appears. It fills most of the horizon. 

Now the sun begins to sink in the West. The light gradually fades in shades of orange, red, and
purple until the sky grows black. The stars are visible above, billions of points of light reaching out
from immeasurable distances. You think about the many other places out there which you don't even
know about. You think of other worlds, other oceans, other forests, other people. 

You realize that all of this is "outside". 

The image now fades from your mind and you return to your self. 

      Relaxation / Trance Techniques (to Return) 



“Inner Light” 

by Rev. Chandonn 
copyright 1998, all rights reserved. 
first performed 12/10/97 

[This group meditation, performed near the Winter Solstice, is a means of focusing on
the brightness we find within ourselves -- our own spirituality! The person at the center
symbolizes our approach to life: i.e. the Gods and Goddesses we worship, the powers
we revere, the people we admire, all have qualities we use to focus our lives. This
meditation is designed to help us begin looking at these.] 

Relaxation / Trance Techniques (to Go) 

Look within yourself... to your center... 

At your very center you find a candle burning. Even here, at the darkest night of the year, it shines as
brightly as ever. All the parts of your life slowly circle the flame. And beyond them, all is darkness. If
you listen closely, you can hear the harmonies of life. 

Now you notice that there is someone here, tending the flame: it may be a God or Goddess, or some
other form of Divininty or Being, or maybe a group of Beings to whom you feel drawn. 

You may invite them to celebrate with us this evening, not for magickal or ritual purposes, but simply
for our festival: celebrating the return of the sun and another phase in the turning of the wheel. 

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