Womyn/Bi/Queer/Literary links

Womb : Amazing..
Cynical Dog - Lesbian Book Salon :
Bi Day, Bi Night:
Curvey's Lesbian Links : Essential
The Funky Diva :
Bianca's Lesbian Lexicon : Cute and useful
Wild Women: Erotic and tasteful
HX: A great NYC lesbian 'zine for culture and events
Act Up - NYC: Still going strong
A different Light Bookstores: You'll see me here often. :)
Advocates for Abused and Battered Lesbians :
A Dykes World: fab graphics!
womyn.org : An excellent resource
Sapphrodite Webzine : Beautiful..
Goddess Web : A pagan based feminist site
R.A.I.N.N -The Rape, Abuse and Incest national net.: Founded by Tori Amos. Amazing

These Links are permenantly in my bookmarked list.
They center around feminist and womyn's issues,
Bi sexual and Lesbian resources, and generally
cool, grrly stuff. Lots of literature, poetry, artwork
and erotica, as well as some important political/social
activist and volunteer organizations. As I live in NYC,
some of these might not be applicable to your area,
but they should be interesting and useful none the less.
If you would like a link listed, please e-mail me

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