For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a shadow book is a witch's personal book in which she keeps her own
collection of Prayers, invocations, incantations, Sabbat layouts, meditations, poetry and spells. I am putting some of my
personal favorite Castings for public use. 

General Circles~ 
Necessary Tools for Each circle: A Basic Altar (a rock, table, chair, or shoe box! It doesn't matter what..but whatever you choose, it should first be purified and consecrated.) Your altar should be set with an appropriate candle for each of the four quarters (once again, it's best to use concecrated candles), your athame (ritual dagger), wand, censer, and chalice. For a basic cleansing and consecration, you should have rainwater and sea-salt as well. Images of the Goddess and God are also usually used, but not necessary (especially if you are not using a permanently Starhawk Circle Place Candles at Cardinal points (ESWN and Center) Stand within the circle, with hands linked.Priestess/Priest steps to altar and salutes Sky and Earth with Athame. Turns, walks to the Eastern Corner, followed by two other witches, one bearing Chalice of salt water. the other the incense censer. They face East. Priestess raises Athame, arms in a V-shape (known as the "Goddess Salute") and calls - "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, Powers of Air! We invoke you and call you, Golden eagle of the Dawn, Starseeker, whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By the Air that is Her breath, send Forth your light,Be here now!" Trace shape of Pentacle in the Air with Athame, breath deeply, and plunge knife into the ground, earthing the energy. Witch1 sprinkles Water 3X to the East, saying - "With Salt and Water I purify the East!" Witch2 Draws Pentagram with Incense smoke, saying- "With Fire and Air, I charge the East!" Priestess Holds athame outwards, and draws a link of the circle about the group. The three turn to the South. This process is repeated to each of the corners, Saluting, invoking, Earthing, purifying, Charging, and adding the link to the circle at each spot. Invocation of the South "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the south, powers of Fire! We invoke you and call you, Red Lion of the Noon heat, Flaming one Summers warmth, Spark of Life, come! By the Air that is her spirit, Send forth your flame Be here now!" Invocation of the West "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Powers of Water! We Invoke you and call you, Serpent of the watery abyss, Rainmaker, Grey robed twilight, evening star Come! By the Waters of her Living Womb, send forth your flow, Be here now! Invocation of the North "Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North Powers of earth, Cornerstone of all power We invoke you and call you Lady of the Outer darkness, Black Bull of Midnight, North Star, Center of the Whirling Sky Stone, Mountain, Fertile field, come! By the Earth that is Her Body, send forth your strength Be here now!" Priestess traces the last link of the Circle, ending in the East. Again she salutes Sky and Earth, turns and touches the Tip of her Athame to the Central Cauldron and says - "The Circle is Cast. We are between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time. Where Night and Day, birth and death, joy and Sorrow meet as one." Witch2 takes the South Point Candle and with it lights the center cauldron fire (or candles in cauldron) and the altar candles, saying "The fire is lit. The Ritual Begun" The priestess assumes her position at the head of the circle, and the other witches take their places. A kiss is past around the circle, each saying to each "In perfect Love and Perfect trust." Closing the Circle - After work is finished, and food is eaten, the circle must be closed and the energy earthed before departing The priestess moves about the circle, extinguishing the candles (beginning with the North, and ending with the East). She says - "The circle is open but unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess go in our hearts. Merry meet and Merry Part and Merry meet again. Blessed Be." The Cauldron candles are extinguished, and the kiss is past clockwise. ~note: this basic format can be used with the following invocations and prayers. Ground, center, Light candles and incense. Join hands. Priestess: “The presence of the noble Goddess extends everywhere. Throughout the many strange, Magickal, and beautiful worlds. To all places of wilderness, enchantment and freedom." North “ The Lady is Awesome. The powers of death bow before her.” East “Out Goddess is a Lady of Joy. The winds are Her Servants.” South “our Goddess is a Goddess of Love. At Her blessings and desire, the sun brings forth life.” West “The Seas are the domains of our Serene Lady. The mysteries of the depths are hers alone.” Close Boundaries “The Circle is sealed and all herein are totally and completely apart from the outside world, that we may glorify the Lady whom we adore. Blessed Be !” Ground, Light cauldron Candles “As above,(salute Sky with athame so Below...(plunge Athame into the ground) As the Universe, so the soul. As without, so within. Blessed and gracious one, On this day do we consecrate to you - Our bodies, mind, and Spirits. Blessed be!” Pass Kiss. Closing Circle “Our Rite draws to its end. O lovely and gracious Goddess, Be with each of us as we depart. The circle is broken!” Extinguish Candles, Pass Kiss Invocation Pass around Altar (set and lit) 3X Priestess: "I cast this circle to protect us from all negative and positive energies and forces on any level that may come to do us harm. I draw into this circle only the energies and forces that are right for us and the most correct for my work. I create a sacred space, So be it." Invoke the corners individually. " Air, fire, water, earth - Elements of astral Birth, I call you now, attend to me, in the circle rightly cast, safe from psychic curse of blast, i call you now, attend to me, from cave and desert, sea and hill, by wand, blade, cup and pentacle, I call you now, attend to me, this is my will, so mote it be!" Closing- P: "I send this circle into the cosmos to do my bidding. The circle is undone, but not broken. Blessed Be!" Extinguish,pass Kiss BASIC RITUALS for COMMON CIRCLES Salt Water Purification ( To be used before Casting) Ground and Center (see meditations) Take cup of Rain water in right hand, and say "Blessed be thou, creature of water" Take dish of Sea Salt in left hand, and say "Blessed be thou, creature of Earth." Hold both to the sky, letting power flow, saying "Salt and Water, Inner and Outer, Soul and Body be Cleansed! Cast out all that is harmful, Take in all that is healing. By the powers of life and death and re-birth, So mote it be!" Set on Altar, and take Athame, saying "blessed be thou, creature of Art." Spill three mounds of Salt into the Water. Stir Counter clockwise with The Athame blade, saying "May this Athame be purified, and may these tools and this altar be Purified." Shake drops over altar, Salute Sky and Earth. "In the names of Life and Death, so Mote it be!" Hold Chalice to heart, and charge with power. Send the cup around the circle, letting Each witch take a small sip. Send kiss around. Cast Circle. BLESSINGS OVER FOOD It is traditional for most disciplines to partake in a small meal within the context of a ritual. This meal is traditionally called "cakes and Ale," but can be any food or drink. Bread and wine are often used, because they are used within many rituals as well. The meal is a pleasant and light-hearted period within the ritual, and is instrumental in bringing the group together, through the sharing of food. Blessing over food "All life is your own, all fruits of the earth Are fruits of your womb. Your union, your dance with the Goddess. Lady and Lord, we thank you for your Blessings and Abundance Join with us, Feast with us, Enjoy with us. Blessed Be!" CONSECRATING A TOOL It is often necessary to consecrate items for ritual use. Any thing can become a sacred tool, but once it has been formally Consecrated, it must be used respectfully and with reverence, Preferably only in the context of witch work. Set up altar with Candles and Incense. Perform Salt Water Purification. Cast Circle. P: "Goddess Be with us." All: "Goddess be with us." The person who is consecrating an object (a cup, a knife, a cord, a stone, etc.) takes the Object in her/his hand, and says "Blessed be thou creature of art." Meditate on the object, holding it to the heart. Then touch the object to the incense (for Air), Wand (for Fire) Cup (for water) and Pentacle (for Earth). Say for each "May you be charged with the power of (Air, Fire, etc,) And serve me well in the (East, South, etc.) Between the worlds and in all worlds, so mote it be!" Pass through central Cauldron flame. "May you be charged from the center of all, above and below, throughout and about, within and without, to serve me well between the worlds, and in all worlds. So Be it." All: "So be it!" Draw personal symbol, or initials with saliva or blood on the object. Breathe on it and instill it with power. Touch it to heart and lips, Sky and earth. Wrap personal Cord around it and chant "Cord go round, Power be bound, Light revealed now be sealed." Touch the object to the earth to ground energy. DISMISSALS Before the actual Circle closing, often the Priestess/Priest will offer a prayer of Thanks and blessing. These are often simple and improvised, but for the Greater Sabbats can be long and ornate. Here are some basic forms "Goddess and God, We thank you for your presence. For your circle, for light and love, For night and change., We ask for your blessing as you depart. Hail and farewell. Blessed Be." Close Circle "Guardians of the East, South, West and North, Powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth Wielders of Blade, Wand, Cup and Pentacle, We thank you for joining our circle, And we ask for your blessing as you depart. May there be peace between us, now an forever. Blessed Be." Raise Athame to Sky and touch to the earth. Close Circle.




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