Hey Dorkus, I wanted to show you some of these paintings that I found. They blew me away. :)I've already edited them to use on my page, but you can see how amazing the originals are. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love you, and I hope you have a peaceful day. My thoughts are with you. Thanks for being a big schmuck.

'Sin', Franz von Stuck,1893
The future logo for my PreRaph Gallery
haha... you know what this is. :) It will be the future logo for my main page

Satan's Treasures', Jean Delville, 1895 The future logo for my spells page

"I am night
I bring again
Hope of Pleasure
Rest from Pain"
- William Morris, PreRaphaelite painter
(W. morris was the husband of Jane Morris, the model of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who you see in the "Proserpine" painting, lower left. Rossetti was in love with Jane, and painted her obsessively. SHE is the main theme of his artistic style.)
The Kiss of the Sphinx', Franz von Stuck, c.1895