Favorite Tori Sites

The Only site you need
The FAeRie's REVENGE: - Kris's Coolio site, Good Jersey-boy bootlegs
Vanilla: Another Jersey boy - with Plugged Tour Song stats. Good Boots.
A Case of Tori: Where I got the animated gifs from - lovely site.
Collecting Tori: Fabulous. Great for beginner collectors and newbie bootleggers
A Dirty Mouth with Feet: Tori Quotes. Great Wallhangings.. haha.
Fairy Tales: Really big site - lyrics and tons of pics. Mmmm
A frog named JETHRO: ALL the Videos, sound clips. Video grab pic collages
Homemade Tori Backgrounds.: Self explanaTORI and really beautiful stuff
Little Fascist Panties: Bootleg reviews, among other fun things
The Music Corner: Rare Mp3's
TALD -the Tori Amos Lyric Database: Album, Covers, B-sides, Rarities. Awesome
Tori Amos - A realm of Mp3's: One stop Mp3 land
Tori Amos Bootleg Discography: If you want to begin trading - GO HERE!!!
Raspberry Swirl.Com: Sarah's Awesome site - Home of 'bytes of Tori'
Shiri and Isaac's Bootleg Scan Page
Shiri and Isaac's Ultimate Bootlegging resource

These sites are all permanently bookmarked, and must-sees.
If you would like your site listed here, E-mail Me!


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